Smartphones, tablets, laptops, media players and game consoles - they all have the potential to pick up and utilise your own home WiFi network. 

Most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) only supply modems that include a router with WiFi nowadays, so whether you realise it or not, you are probably only minutes away from enjoying the best portable WiFi connectivity you could imagine to allow your handhelp and portable devices to work as they were intended.

Turning a WiFi network on can be incredibly simple and things will appear to be fine at the start, but then you notice there are little black-holes where there is no WiFi reception, and downloads take forever! 

I can make sure that your home WiFi network is as useful and reliable as it can be within the walls of your home. Every house offers different challenges, so there is no quick and easy method that works for everyone. A few minutes of fine tuning can turn a 'ho-hum' WiFi experience into a 'WoW' experience. 

Other great functionality like sharing your printers and storage devices over your home network can also be convenient. 

Backing up your electronic media, photos and files etc to a seperate hard drive that is conveniently connected and visible to all of your devices is the best way to protect your personal files in the case of the loss, damage or failure of your device.

Prevention is WAY cheaper than replacement, and not everything can be replaced.

Have a chat with me to discuss your personal requirements. I will quote to supply any equipment you will need and get it all setup and working for you. The cost will surprise you.

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