I build computers to suit your needs without going over the top with specifications and features that simply cost you more money without necessarily giving you better performance.

How exactly do I do that?

1. I talk to you about what you are going to be using the computer for.

2. I discuss future-proofing it if necessary.

3. Your computer will be built to spec. (usually within 7-10 days depending on parts availability). Express or urgent work can be arranged if required at a slightly higher cost. Simple!

Whether you require a basic PC to help an elderly relative stay in touch, a new computer for home that includes plenty of speed and space for photos and movies, a fresh new machine for your small business or a high performance gaming monster, I will build a new computer to suit YOUR requirements exactly!

With modern technological advancements in high speed hard drives, you can have a computer that will simply stun you with a never before experienced level of speed, fast boot times and general performance.

I can also breathe new life into a desktop PC or laptop that you though was beyond help. A new high speed hard drive, a memory upgrade and a reformat and the old reliable computer will once again keep up with you at every step. 

Do you have a young son who is constantly telling you that their computer is "no good" and "too slow" to play games on? Don't be fooled into an entirely brand new machine with little change from $3000 or $4000 when you could update the basics and even put it all into a new case so it looks 'cool' for half of that. Obviously the pricing is dependent on what you need it to do as far as gaming performance, but most modern games don't need you to break the bank to be able to play them. The key is smart upgrades, which is my specialty. As a gamer from way back, I know exactly how to bring these upgrades together for maximum smiles!

I pride myself on being able to deliver good old-fashioned service and performance, without the crazy prices and I can help you maintain your computer to make sure it remains a reliable asset to you and your family.

I have been dealing with reliable suppliers for years and as such I am able to deliver to you the sort of warranty service usually reserved only for corporate customers. 



* all eXtensive computer systems are assembled using only top brand components for added piece of mind and include a 12 month component and labour warranty.

** some computer components have even longer warranty periods from the manufacturers, sometimes 3 - 5 years. We will honour any manufacturer's warranty that is stated on the packaging of the component.